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How to Nurture the Pillars of Self-Care

Self-care is more than enjoying a rejuvenating facial. That’s certainly part of it, but self-care isn’t just an afternoon of indulgence—it’s a way of life. Read on to learn what the seven pillars are and how you can nurture each one.

Learn about your health

The first pillar of self-care is health literacy. This means taking matters into your own hands and learning how you can become a healthier individual. If you’re not feeling great, speak with a physician about the symptoms and create a plan for improving your physical condition. Everyone has a body, and we should all be taking care of them.

Prioritize emotional wellbeing

The second pillar, mental and emotional wellbeing, often gets shoved aside. However, it’s important to make time for activities that promote happiness and a positive social environment. Life offers countless ways to boost your mood, from keeping in touch with friends to indulging yourself in a deep tissue massage. Pursue what makes you happy, as long as you’re being safe!

Create a fun workout routine

As you’ve probably guessed, the third pillar is all about exercise. But getting off the couch doesn’t have to be a drag. Your exercise routine can incorporate relatively easy activities like walking your dog, playing volleyball with friends, learning yoga or joining a fitness group. People are more likely to exercise when they’re having fun, so choose an activity that resonates with you.

Eat a balanced diet

The fourth pillar of self-care reminds us that we could all use some more vitamins and minerals! As with exercise, eating right shouldn’t feel like a chore. Browse the web for new and exciting recipes, or sneak vegetables into a daily smoothie. It’s always a good idea to consult a nutritionist because they can come up with a fun, healthy diet made just for you.

Practice safe behaviors

Risk avoidance defines the fifth pillar of self-care. This means saying no to bad habits and situations that are dangerous. For instance, resist the temptation to stay up late or hang out with people who use addictive substances. Listen to your gut instinct—if something doesn’t feel right, engage in safer activities instead.

Keep your body clean

When you practice personal hygiene on a regular basis, you’ll feel good both inside and out. Healthy habits like brushing your teeth, washing your hands and showering every day not only protect you from germs but will give you a boost of confidence. A rejuvenating facial can help with that, too!

Seek help when you need it

This brings us to the seventh and final pillar: outside support. Nobody can take care of themselves on their own. Some need a walking stick, prescription medication or exercise equipment, while others would benefit from psychotherapy or a deep tissue massage. Think about which areas of your life need improvement and take the steps necessary to receive help.

As you can see, self-care comes in many different forms. One way to nurture your mind, body and soul is by visiting Better Living Massage Center. Our experts can give you a deep tissue massage or rejuvenating facial, all at a reasonable price. After just one visit, you’ll be ready to get back out there and take life by storm!

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