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Massage: Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until You Need It

Feeling like you can put off getting a massage until you really need one? Just because you’re not experiencing achy muscles and joints at the moment doesn’t mean you should wait until you’re in pain before you head to your favorite massage center. Massage is actually an incredibly effective preventative therapy, stopping aches and pains before they develop into chronic problems. Read on to learn some basic guidelines about when to get a massage.

Reducing stress

Generally, the best time to get a massage is when you’re experiencing periods of intense stress or tension. Regular massage sessions help bust through pent-up stress, naturally lowering your body’s cortisol levels while increasing serotonin and dopamine—the hormones that send happy signals to the brain. Reducing negative feelings of anxiety can help you focus on work, family and all of your daily tasks.

Reducing the effects of poor posture

A lot of physical discomfort is the result of poor posture from sitting, and most Americans sit still for at least eight hours every day, especially if they have jobs where their entire workday involves sitting behind the wheel or behind a desk. Jobs that require sitting all day cause people to naturally pull their shoulders forward, almost in a hunching position. This weakens the upper and lower back muscles, often leading to chronic pain.

Regular massage helps to improve your posture, relaxing and loosening the muscles and helping your body retain a more natural, pain-free posture. Don’t wait until you’re feeling muscle tension like your shoulders seizing up—stick to your regular massage schedule to keep a comfortable posture.

Preventing injury

Deep tissue massage therapy is just one of the common types of massage that can help active people prevent injury. This therapy uses a variety of pressures on soft tissue areas of the body, breaking down adhesions and increasing range of motion. Regular deep tissue massages can help all people, from the casually athletic to professional athletes, prevent injury.

If you’ve already experienced a sports-related injury, sports massage sessions promote quick recovery and prevent further injury by increasing blood flow, providing more nutrients for muscles to use to remain in good health. Massage also helps reduce scar tissue accumulation, preventing a small injury from becoming a nagging one.

Promoting healthy pregnancy

Many expectant mothers experience common aches and pains during pregnancy, including back pain, sciatica and hip pain, as well as other problems like headaches and general tiredness. Prenatal massage is an excellent way to keep expectant mothers comfortable throughout their pregnancy. Expectant mothers who are unsure of when to get a massage should generally stick to a biweekly schedule for prenatal massage to get the most benefits from this calming and comforting form of massage therapy.

Remember that the best time to get a massage isn’t exactly whenever you feel like you need one. Regular massage is an excellent preventative therapy, easing physical and mental tension and promoting your overall health and wellness.

Contact Better Living Massage Center to discover the benefits of sticking to a proper schedule for your healing massage sessions.

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