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Prolonged Sitting and Its Effects on Your Back

Sitting might feel great, but if that’s all you’re doing all day long, you might be damaging your back. The negative impacts of sitting for too long have been well documented, from weight gain to back pain. Here’s why prolonged sitting is bad for your back:

  • Tight hips and back pain: Oh, your aching back! It probably doesn’t surprise you to hear that sitting down all the time is actually bad for your back. It makes your hips feel tighter and increases pain in the lower back.

  • Weak legs and glutes: When you’re sitting down all the time, you’re not exercising your legs and glutes. Over time, they become weaker, so when you do go to work out, you’ll notice a lack of strength.

  • Stiff shoulders and neck: When you sit all the time, especially hunched over a computer, you’re just asking for stiff shoulders and a tight neck.

  • Poor circulation: The less you move, the poorer your circulation will be. Make sure to get up and walk around every hour or so to improve your circulation.

  • Anxiety and depression: There are unpleasant mental side effects, too—you’re more likely to have anxiety and depression when you sit for prolonged periods of time every day. This might be a chicken-and-the-egg scenario, where no one can tell which came first—but either way, sitting down isn’t helping.

  • Varicose veins: When you sit for long periods of time, your blood pools in your legs. This can lead to spider and varicose veins, which aren’t deadly, but can be pretty unsightly.

  • Deep vein thrombosis: Sitting can also lead to blood clots in your legs, which are deadly. That’s why it’s recommended that you take breaks during work, long road trips and other sitting-intensive occasions.

  • Elevated cancer risk: While scientists don’t know quite why, sitting comes with an elevated risk of certain cancers.

  • Greater chance of heart disease: Studies have shown that if you’re sitting for long periods of time, you may have up to a 64 percent greater risk of cardiovascular disease than you would if you moved around more frequently.

  • Higher chance of diabetes: Spending more of your time sitting means you have a 112 percent increased chance of diabetes, too.

  • Weight gain: Last but not least, sitting all day means you’re not getting up and moving around, which leads to weight gain. If you’ve spent the pandemic working from your couch, it’s time to get up, move and maybe even get a massage.

If you’re spending more time sitting down these days, why not alleviate the pain, improve your circulation and feel better with a massage? Massage has been proven to help reduce pain and inflammation, while encouraging blood flow to your tissues. This helps your body adjust, heal and stay healthier over time.To learn more about our varied massage services or book your next appointment, reach out to Better Living Massage Center today. We look forward to helping you avoid the negative impacts of sitting for too long so you can start feeling your best!

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