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The Many Benefits of Reiki

Reiki is an ancient technique that many people still don’t fully understand. Whether you’re looking for healing from emotional trauma, you’re ready to balance your energy levels or you simply want to develop your mind and spirit, there are many health benefits involved with the practice of reiki.

So, what is reiki healing? And more importantly, how does reiki healing work? Read on to discover the basics of this time-honored approach to overall wellness.

What is reiki healing?

Reiki is an energy-healing practice developed in Japan and used for centuries as an alternative healing approach. While reiki itself cannot directly cure diseases or illness, it is used to effectively manage symptoms and enhance a person’s overall feelings of wellbeing.

Reiki should always be performed by skilled practitioners who have demonstrated a mastery of the technique. Like massage, reiki can involve direct bodily contact between the practitioner and the subject. The practitioner will place their hands on or just above you to stimulate healing. As the practitioner moves her hands about the body, she stimulates its natural healing abilities, helping you manage a whole host of symptoms, from anxiety and fatigue to headache and insomnia.

What are the benefits of reiki healing?

Research is ongoing regarding the proven benefits of reiki healing, but practitioners and those who strongly believe in the healing power of reiki suggest it can address the following health concerns and symptoms:

  • Relieving pain: Many reiki practitioners and enthusiasts support the belief that reiki can be highly effective in reducing symptoms of pain. Studies have shown that people being treated for cancer had lower levels of pain after regular reiki sessions. Researchers have also explored the use of reiki for treating lower back pain in people with herniated disks. Participants showed that both reiki and traditional physiotherapy were effective at relieving the pain, with reiki being the more cost-effective solution.

  • Reducing depression: Suffering from depression or mood disorders? Reiki treatment may be a helpful tool to improve both your physical symptoms and mood. After reiki sessions, you’ll likely notice a greater sense of relaxation, increased curiosity and even a shift in focus toward improved self-care habits.

  • Improving quality of sleep: Reiki is extremely relaxing, and many people experience a deeper level of relaxation that leads to better sleep and, as a result, better healing and improved lucidity in thinking.

  • Enhancing focus: One of the main benefits of reiki is a sense of improved focus and clarity. Reiki reminds people to always be in the present moment, promoting positive energy transfer that allows the mind to focus on current events rather than dwelling on past mistakes or future worries.

  • Supporting immune function: Reiki encourages the body and mind to return to a “self-healing” state. Getting the body and mind in sync and triggering this state of repair allows for a cleansing of energy, protecting you from exhaustion and promoting healthy immune function.

Discover firsthand how reiki healing works by booking a session at Better Living Massage Center. Our healers have extensive experience providing healing for the mind, body and soul with reiki. Contact us today and start your journey toward better health and wellbeing.

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